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Building My Own Desk

I’ve always wanted a studio space, and building this desk allowed me have all my tools at hand and feel enclosed in my creative space.


It was built from entirely 18 mm plywood, cut with a circular saw and screwed together.

I live and work with 3 other art and illustrators so it was a welcome sight to join the lounge / studio where we all work.


The joy I’ve gotten from sitting in a space that I designed and created is been so satisfying.


The most important thing I learnt from creating this desk was learning to push forward with the project even when I didn’t know how I was going to:

  • Collect 7 sheets of plywood and bring them back to my flat.
  • Where do I start? (4 weeks the wood lay outside in the rain).
  • How do I cut straight with my circular saw?
  • Where do I build this? (no garage or shed).
  • Where do the lights go?
  • Ect…





Crafting, Woodwork

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