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Converting Paintings into VR.

It all started with “What if I could put my paintings into VR?”


I love capturing the colours of the outdoors, but I can’t bring my VR headset with me outside, so why not bring those paintings I made outside into VR?


Using the Oculus Quill app I could pluck the colours from these oil paintings and begin sketching, modelling, building, in a virtual space.


I had no idea how to go about this in 2017, so I worked on each one for under an hour and tried something different each time.


Initially I wasn’t enjoying it. And thats because I thought I was 3D modelling, so I took a chance and made them as if I was painting, focusing on colour and form.

Painting I made on location and used as reference.
Animated GIF showing the model.
Still image of the finished Quill Painting made in VR.
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