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artist, creative, painter, maker, vr, digital, art, modelling, game, unity3d
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About me…

Hello! I’m Adam aka Alekadzie, an artist and maker who’s been living in North London for 10 years.

I’ve always played with lots of different creative tools and mediums, but there was a time I thought that this might be a bad thing…at school, I was condemned to the idea that I couldn’t learn new skills and that I didn’t fit into any, one box. This idea was solidified by my low ranking in the school system.

However, since then I have attempted to walk the line of being creatively disciplined while keeping things playful too. I do this by documenting each of my projects and taking the time to reflect. Over time I have begun to embrace my own methods and more of myself in my art.

These reflections become the spirit of what I share online to you, that anyone can learn to be creative and it’s one of the most powerful things you can do!


From creating to sharing.

I make time to collate my thoughts and see what ideas or process I can take with me on my next project.


Creativity is number one, its my guiding light, its the feeling of being able to create anything.


What ever the project, I always keep a running note of the how and why I made the decisions I made.